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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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that slammed the bay area the tonight back on their feet thanks to the kindness of their community. >> the bay area is dealing with more rain as our wet weather continue. there is more headed your way. good evening, everyone. let's get to jeff ranieri.maide tonight's storm. looking ahead to storm four of this week. >> man ay are glad we are startg to get a break across the bay area. after another round of heavy rainfall. the east bay, still tracking rain across hayward. dublin. that will continue into pleasanttpleasan pleasanton. livermore. tracking heavy rainfall at the current moment. off to the north. right on down to ok laakland an
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berkeley. by tomorrow morning. the storm system is gone. beginning to move out. we'll have a dry day in the forecast. check this out. the fourth storm of the season. by 11:30. starts to line of at the coastline. the wind. not everly gusty. 10, 20 miles an hour. 11:00. close to 30 miles an hour. san francisco. 4:00 a.m. may bring down more trees. power outages. a short break. may have more downed trees. spinouts. tracking this into the christmas holiday in a few minutes. >> see you then, jeff. the weather is getting a blame for a close call. chainsaws buzz tonight as crews removed a large pine right from the middle of the street. it fell don today. nearly hitting a home on burbank drive. the family inside able to get out okay. tonight, flood victims, battered
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by the last two storms are getting back into their homes. to assess the damage. there is a lot of it. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney john us from belmont, a soggy story with a poignant ending. >> you got that right. folks at belmont mobile home park. hit hard by the storm. floodwater, 2 1/2, 3 feet high out here. especially tough on families because of the kindness of the community. and a teacher in particular. things are but to get better. elena lost her food when floodwaters knocked out power for five days. the family lost everything they had stored under their home. >> blanket that we start. that we are going to start any more. we don't know what happened. so, some electric, that we, we
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have under. >> for those five nights. stayed at an emergency shelter with her huh basband and three frightened children. >> was raining hard. it was at night. when i slept i worried. i had nightmares. >> the red cross, provided a hotel room. the father jesus is on dialysis. and mother maria, battling breast cancer. they live at the mobile home park too. before the storm ended. the principal where elena's children go to school learned 11 family with children at nesbitt had been flooded out. >> when you are prin pcipal of school. you run a school. you love the school. you love the teachers, parents. community. you love the children you are like the mom. >> reaching out to school district parents for help. hoping to raise maybe $500. >> sex hours we were up to.
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$4,00 $4,000 -- six hours we were up to $4,000. $6,000, now over $19 t. >> some of the money from the students themselves. >> the children have brought their allowance, their tooth fairy money. presents from the holidays, their grandparents. here, here you go. >> when they tell you, you need help. just tell us. sometimes, that was my, feels good in your heart. >> if you would look to help out. you can. just go to nbc bay we have linked-up to the go fund me site. to help out families during the holidays. live in belmonbelmont, terry mcsweeney, bay area news. >> thank you, terry. with more rain on the way to help you navigate all this. download the nbc bay area app for your smart phone. click on the icon. take you to the weather page.
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live radar, weather alert for your neighborhood as well. >> the question now, what next for the 49ers. the dysfunctional 49ers. the playoffs. seemingly lame-duck head coach. and serious offfield issue. after we broke the story this morning, sexual assault allegations against ray mcdonald. the niners cut him. but there is more to this story. nbc bay area's jeanne elle from levi stadium. a franchise in turmoil. >> the 49ers acted quickly today. cutting ray mcdone aald. after the allegations surfaced. now the player will face the criminal investigation on his own. this organization has a strong belief in due process. and has demonstrated that over time. and demonstrated a pattern of poor decision making. that has led to multiple distractions for this organization. and this football team. that really can no longer be tolerated.
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awe off the general manager says two criminal accusations are too many. the defensive tackle its off the team. and in august, san jose police arrested mcdonald. the district attorney did not file charge. now another woman went to a local hospital claiming mcdonald sexually assaulted her at his home this week. investigators searched his house. >> they perhaps seized the bedding where the incident allegedly occurred. clothing. cell phone. perhaps surveillance information at ray mcdonald's house. and her dna. compare it to dna sample at mcdonald home. so that -- that is a critical part of this case. if they have to establish that a physical encounter occurred. >> if an encounter is established proving it was not consensual can be challenging.
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the prospect of an investigation may half been a factor in the 49ers decision to let mcdonald go. the executive director at next door solutions to solutions to domestic violence said it should have happened months ago. >> it is great they did it. having worked with this issue for 30 years, violence against women and girls. i shake my head at what did you expect? did you really expect that it was going to stop. >> police have not arrested or charged mcdonald. but he will face the latest accusation without the support of the 49ers. the district attorney says he did not file charges in that domestic violence case. because he couldn't prove the case. the da will way the evidence before making a decision. >> thank you. more on the story later in the new cast as well. head lines tonight. hacked by north korea. sources tell nbc news. the seerseer -- cyberattack that
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sony was from north korea. sony pictures is canceling the release of the film after threats to movie theaters. the interview, starring james franco and seth rogan set for christmas day. a come de, two journalists recruited to assassinate, kim jung-un. >> after five decade of economic embargo. political an nos tee. painful family separations. emotional turmoil for cubans abroad and the u.s. the united states and cuba may soon resume normal relations. this news after 1 months of secret talk and a prisoner swap. an american, three cubans and humanitarian release of american contractor. among the change the u.s. will open an embassy in havana since 1961. president obama is also expected to ease trade restrictions. more americans with families in
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cuba will travel off to the island to see their relative. traveler can bring back a small amount of cuban cigars and rum. and may soon be able to fly out of oakland international airport. that's where we find nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. this is really controversial. really depend on what jen ration of cuban you are and really, what coast in many ways you live on? oakland international airport is one of the first to certify flights between the u.s. and cuba. barbara lee the first person to spearhead that flight. some say the president's move could be good news for business and travel. congresswoman barbara lee returned from cuba late last night. >> if we are going to achieve global peace and security. we have to talk to our
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neighbors. >> we can do more to support the cuban people. >> president obama and cuban president, raul castro are talking. after more than 50 years, two country that used to be enemies could become friends. it's ben a grueling year. this year, especially with regard to. it's been difficult. and going down to 77. ofs and downs through the many, many administrations. >> after five years, and the cuban prison. accused of espionage. american alan gross was released in exchange for three cubans. in addition, cuba promised freer, phone and internet connections to citizen. something alan gross fought for. >> what a blessing it is to be a sit isn't of this country. thank you, president obama. also thanking the president, the bay area restaurant owner. heave has been to cuba several
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times. he turned this space into a cuban restaurant two years ago. he says normalizing relations between the two countries is a financial win for everyone. >> at least the people that come to my restaurant. you've get that question all the time. about actual travel to cuba. so, you know, hopefully these proposals, some how, impact that, that, you know to make it easier for folk that travel there. >> well, the subject runs deep for a lot of people. not everyone agrows with the idea. some worry it won't help the people of cuba improve human rights. relations in that country. reporting live in oakland. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. next at 11:00. pilots say they have never seen anything lech thike this. the scary or deal caught on camera on a u.s. bound flight. >> getting serious about safety. the high tech plan involving its
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drivers. >> holiday lights from space. look down below. first of its kind look from holiday spirit. from high above earth. >> i'm meteorologist, jeff ranieri. tracking the doppler right now. the storm of the week is lining up. were's tracking the rainfall. let you know when it arrives and how much it will bring us in just a few minutes.
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>> ah! >> there was a lot of screaming, extreme turbulence at 34,000 feet. it was caught on camera. this american airline flight was headed from, to dallas from seoul, south korea, when it hit
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unexpected turbulence. fo food carts. lap tops. bottles of wine flying around the cabin. a flight attendant was knocked unconscious. the pilot turned back and landed in tokyo. today many passengers finally arrived at the destinations in dallas. >> everything that wasn't bolted down or seatbelted, flew into the air. so well had, more broken glass than i have seen in my life. >> the pilot, the flight attendants. no one has seen a flight like that. it was nuts. remark but. five people sent to the hospital. most severe, a broken arm. >> safer rides. a vow from uber. about to roll out a program to make sure riders get where they're going safely. the ride share company announced it today. saying it is investing. researching background check techniques. it may include finger printing.
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and identification. uber wants to make sure drivers are safe after several attacks by riders. they took the heat, during a hostage situation in sydney, australia. >> the embattled president of the california public utilities xhgs will make his final comments. >> end 12 tumult was years. the agency faces a scandal. >> and the chief investigative reporter has inside look at one of california's most powerful leaders. tony? >> we asked him for an interview to discuss his legacy. no surprise our request was denied. but a legacy that cannot be ignored. defined by cozy. corrupt. and tragedy of the san bruno explosion. good morning. for a dozen years, michael peeve yef sat in one of the most powerful seats in california. >> he is the president of the
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puc, the agency with the power to control the state's utilities. >> michael peavy should have resigned. >> he lectures at cal beckrkele. he criticized michael peavy and jerry brown in the sacramento bee. >> legacy of degradation of a principled man who did a lot of good. who thought he could do no wrong. off up athe legacy include deadly san bruno explosion. accepting a safety award months after the puc was accused of failing tau to proper regulate. mistakes ntsb determined contributed to the disaster. it is a legacy that include this leaked internal survey where its employees, accused the puc of an
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cozy relationship with the utilities. that report said your agency is too cozy with uf till tees. >> not true. >> decision to dodge ape reap quest from state senators to answer tough questions in sacramento. instead he spent the day at a conference at nap ta concluding at a rivalry. off awe what any the message you send coming to napa instead of going to speak to the senate. >> your's very antagonistic. >> a leg see, include, $165,000 in free strafl from ntravel fro groups. >> mr. peavy. would look to talk to you about your travels. >> peavy find himself in a scandal. he is now under investigation by the u.s. attorney, and the state's attorney general. for questionable meetings with top pg & e executives. center of the investigation,
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this internal ement-ma-mail. peeve yef asked pg a. off awe y >> you don't say things like that. unless you think you're above the law. the men think they're above the law. michael peavy will be the schadd -- shadow that follows jerry brown. >> after the memos and pg & e fired three executive thousands. governor jerry brown to allow him to finish his term in the president's chair. >> mr. peavy stays in office. what does that stay? >> he can get away with it. >> self serving excuses for doing the wrong thing. and jerry brown, not serving the people of the state of california. not serving the people of san
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bruno. his own political trtz. unacceptable. >> we reap quested an interview. to explain why he did not ask michael peavy to relinquish his president position and lack of interest in contrast. governor brown does not want to talk to us about what happened. heave did tell assessated press, e-mails -- he did tell associated press, the e-mails were troubling and he wanted to wait for the investigations. we will be in san francisco tomorrow to hear peavy avenue final remarks. rob, jess. >> thank you, tony. if you have a tip for tony. any one in our unit. or send us in an e-mail to the uniit. >> busy jeff ranieri rejoins us. storm three on the way out. four on the way in. you can see on the doppler. nothing to heavy. but as any of us know tonight. out doing any kind of driving. it would just, a little
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sprinkle. good enough to add to the water on the roadway. make the driving slow. heard from folks, san francisco. east bay. normal commute. 45 minutes. took an hour and a half. right now areas of rainfall. san francisco. to the airport. once again. light. keeping the roadways, dangerous. and -- most consistent. hayward. trivalley. heavier rainfall moving in. good nines the north bay. highest flooding concern has been over past two weeks. seeing least activity here. few remaining skalgter ining sc. where do we go? after we tlekz after storhead t thursday forecast. get a break. storm system by 7:00 a.m. a hit and miss shower. that's it. dry all the way through 6:00
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p.m. good news. keep the cloud. may have knee head throughout thursday night. weave don't get a big break. very short-lived. next storm lines up. and warm air ahead of the storm system. will produce showers at 11:30. head throughout friday morning. the cold front will bring consistent rainfall by 5:00 a.m. to marin, napa, sonoma counties. spotty showers. then the cold front line, drop to san francisco, 7:00 a.m. friday. san jose by 1:30. really going to weaken to the south. as woe all know any kind of rainfall. on top of what we have had, could bring us some more problems. a storm system to the north. may produce showers north bay until saturday. only adjustment in our forecast. the microclimate numbers. throughout thursday. have your jacket with you. thursday.
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leave umbrella in the back seat. north bay. east bay. trivalley. temperatures also riding in the upper 50s to about 60. weather trend. once again. has dry weather for thursday. on friday. rain returns. for saturday. sunday. monday. dry weather. san jose. once again. friday. and saturday. rather. san francisco, off to the north bay. there now is a slight chance of rain. the best news of all for all of us here. any one doing any traveling. on the holiday. whether it is here. across the sierra. getting in a plane. flying. dry weather throughout christmas week. that's something to smile about. a santa gift right there. it is a jeff gift. >> i like that. >> thank you, jeff. off awe sti >> holiday lights from space. >> we have jimmy too. >> hey, guys. sir paul mccartney. lady gaga, tony bennett, and the voice winner. a huge show. we are on next. it's great!
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>> beautiful time of year. homes sparkling with holiday light. reinde reindeer, snowflakes. this home is on patty drive in san jose. just south of willow glen. >> drive by isn't the own way to see holiday lights. nasa has take in a look from space. photos tough the satellite launched to study the ozone layer. yellow spots. wattage of cities. san jose. between black friday and new year's day. rose buy as many as 50%. >> a lot of lights. >> very pretty. >> we are joined next with more on the 49ers and what is happening. we'll hear from colin kaepernick. stay with us.
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>> good evening. geraud moncure. the off the field problem that plagued the 49ers all season long. surface once more to day. defensive lineman. ray mcdonald. dismissed after allegations of a possible sexual assault involving mcdonald prompted a police investigation. unlike his previous troubles. with alleged domestic violence. and the ten-week investigation
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that followed. 49ers management this time schochose not to give him due process of the law acting quickly. >> it's tough. i mean, he is a good friend to a lot of people on this team. no one ever -- no one around him ever thought bad about hip. always a good person. to everyone around here. so, hopefully, just, a good time. >> jim harbaugh's departure, seems imminent from this point. next destination is a big question mark. according to the nfl network. ian rap port. the alma mater, university of michigan offered a six-year, $48 million deal to coach big blue. giants fan favorite. sergio romeo. returning, two year deal with orange and black. $15 million over the last three seasons. romo. 75 saves. 2.69 e.r.a.
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and finally, could former warriors coach, mark jackson, end up on the other end of the i-80 rivalry. approach. concerning head coaching vacancy. the meeting reportedly lasted. for an hour and a half. ty corbin, head coach. after michael malone was fired sunday night. one of jackson's several names to surface. chris mullen. and long time coach george karl. more coming up after the break.
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already raining outside. see harder rain over the next few hours. >> certainly. areas of scattered rain. evernight hours. by tomorrow morning. right through the afternoon. we'll have dry weather in the forecast. then by late, late thursday night into friday. our fourth stoufrm trm of the w. dry, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, san jose through christmas. >> what will we do without the rain? dry weather? >> oh, boy. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sir paul mccartney, tony bennett and lady gaga


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